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  • Everything we do is based on the premise that the more confident the audience perceives you…

    …the more likely they are to agree with you. This website is loaded with tips, tricks and advice on how to appear more confident when you are speaking in public.

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Pitching a prospect is a stressful, tension-filled, and expensive business activity…and it’s also the most fun. It combines theater + logic + choreography + graphics in an effort to persuade others to hire your company. A pitch coach brings order to confusion. There is one golden rule about pitching you must observe; a good pitch is all about the prospect and only a little about you. Your job is to demonstrate how you can make the prospect become more successful.


Jack works on pitches with builders, architects, commercial real estate brokers, inventors looking for investors, business executives, banking consultants, ad agencies, hospital consultants, private equity firms, personal investment advisors, manufacturers, doctors, and lawyers. Jack also teaches Presentation Skills at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.