Don’t Rush the Opening of a Pitch

You’re making a competitive pitch and the prospect asks you to hurry along. He or she has a lot of people yet to interview and wants you and your crew to present quickly.  When this happens, be afraid. Be very afraid.

You rush through the opening and leave out important information.  The way you opened sets the fast pace for the rest of the pitch so now everyone on your team rushes.  The big idea that you worked so hard on never gets a fair airing because it was presented at high speed.

There is nothing more important than the opening. Even if your time has been cut in half, do the opening the way you rehearsed.  If you constructed the opening properly it will contain the most relevant information the prospect needs to hear.

There are lots of reasons you might not win a pitch — price, chemistry, expertise. But, you should never lose because you presented poorly.


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  • Mark Myers says:

    Excellent advice. Most people, including me, probably wouldn’t think to keep the opening intact and cut something else.

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