Pitch Consulting

My value to a team is in the week or two leading up to a pitch. The team has already scoped out the project, pulled together data, and now needs to develop a point of view. My role is to help them package that material into a forceful, well-choreographed presentation. We start with the open, then the close, then the middle.

The Open:

What’s the takeaway? What’s the single most important finding or benefit that this team brings to the pitch? I’ll show you how to identify that takeaway and how to build it into the opening. We’ll look for ways to dramatize that takeaway so that it is unforgettable. I’ll show you the best way to present it.

The Close:

The close echoes the open. The close has one other very important part to it: a call to action. Now that you made your pitch what is the step you want the prospect to take, and how can you ask for that step to be taken? There are a number of options that address the call to action.

The Middle:

Part of the job of the takeaway in the opening is to drive the logical flow of information in the middle. I’ll help you organize it, edit it to a focused point, review PowerPoint slides and discuss how your team can best deliver it.


There are a number of techniques (body language, eye contact, hand and arm animation, voice, posture when standing, posture at a conference room table, etc) that convey confidence and have as much to do with winning the business as the strategy and point of view you walked in with.

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