How to write a presentation.

When you start to write a presentation, follow the same process you might when packing a suitcase.

Layout all of your clothes on the bed first.  You’ll probably choose things by the nature of where you’re going and what you’re going to be doing. Put the basic things you need in one pile then figure out how much space you have left and pack the rest. A common traveling mistake is packing too much.

When preparing a presentation first layout all of the things you have to say, given the audience and time constraints.  Think about your takeaway – that one thought you want people to remember when the speech is over.  Pack things that reinforce, underscore and demonstrate the takeaway. Put everything else back into the closet.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to write the speech from the opening through to the close until you know everything that has to go into the suitcase.

Enjoy your trip.


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