Storytelling is one of the most effective ways of making a powerful presentation.

The strongest way that we communicate is through stories.  We remember stories longer and more accurately and we get the point faster.  The best way to have a great story ready at your fingertips is to write it down, edit it, practice reading it aloud, edit it some more, rehearse it again, etc.

I’ve recorded a few of my own true stories here to demonstrate structure & content.

First Interview – Click Here to Listen

40 years ago I began my search for my first job out of college; here’s the story and the lessons. *FYI: this story does contain a swear word towards the end*


The Humidity Checker

The Humidity Checker captures an embarrassing incident when I owned an ad agency.  Looking vulnerable is a powerful technique when telling a story.


Old Neighborhood

Old Neighborhood is the story of getting into a tight spot.  Notice the details in the story.



Reflections is a confession of an embarrassing moment in the bathroom of a bar.



George’s Loan Office is the pawnshop where I grew up and started me on storytelling because every day was a new installment.



A recovered family heirloom turns out to have a few secrets.


TV Station Telethon

Telethons were all the rage in the 1970’s, but this one didn’t go as planned.




  • Amy Paxson says:

    Hi Jack! Enjoyed your stories. I was laughing when you were describing the people lined up outside your door complaining about various things. Yeah, that was pretty much me, every day! 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

  • Shuchita says:

    Great stories, sir. It was nice to hear your voice and remember our time together when you shared the science of the art…!! Feel blessed to have your guidance and mentoring.

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