Physician Leadership Training

Public Speaking, Persuasion Training and Emotional Intelligence for Physicians on a Leadership Track

Program Components:

-Instructional lectures

-Recorded presentation exercises

-Individual critiques



This training is held in two sessions, each 3 hours long.  There is a maximum of 5 students in the class to ensure that each student gets ample time for individual exercises and feedback.  Homework is required for each class. The workshops require class participation through strategic exercises. Learning by doing is how information will be transformed into skills.


The first leg of the workshop is training in public speaking, which is the fundamental course one should take before moving on to persuasion training and the role of emotional intelligence in presentations. The BOSS Method™ serves as an agenda for the training. BOSS is an acronym for Body Language, Opens and Closes, Storytelling and being Stoked to Speak. 

Persuasion training reviews much of the latest research on various techniques for getting people to agree on complicated issues. 

The role of Emotional Intelligence in leadership and presentations is reviewed.

Instruction on these subjects is followed by practice presentations so each participant can apply this learning.  Exercises are taped and critiqued in class directly after the presentation is made. Participants will be asked to prepare several different presentations.

About the Instructors

Jack Rossin teaches Communications and Leadership at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and he continues to run his presentation training business now for more than 20 years. He was a communication’s graduate from Temple University and worked in advertising in the first half of his career.  He is the author of The Pawnshop Chronicles: Street Wisdom for the Business World, a memoir of growing up working at a pawnshop.  Jack runs all his workshops and teaches in conjunction with his son, Matt.

Matt Rossin comes to communications training from a very different angle.  He attended one of the premier high schools dedicated to the performing arts.  He studied at the famous Stella Adler Conservatory in NY.  He brings a theatrical process and discipline to the workshops and keeps the subject matter engaging.

Getting Started

Call Jack at (617) 413-6106 to discuss how a workshop can be customize for your needs. 

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