Analogies Paint Word Pictures

In an interview recently, Joel Osteen said that “a good analogy makes the rest of your presentation easy, almost writes itself.”  Mr. Osteen is a TV minister who has turned analogies into an art form.

Although the center of his sermons are fairly repetitive, the openings often start with an analogy, like the time he was shopping in the supermarket and noticed an aisle that sells damaged canned food for 50% off.  The food inside the can is fine, but the label is torn or the can dented.  He then likened that to people who have had a tough time and are a bit beaten up by life, maybe not wearing the best clothes, but inside….

You can see how such an analogy becomes the structure for a  whole presentation.  Analogies paint word pictures for the audience that they can quickly grasp. You don’t need an art department or clip art to use them.



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