About Jack Rossin

I come by my passion for presentations the old fashioned way, I’ve done a thousand of them in my career.  Along the way I have learned a lot about presentations, pitches and speeches.

I’ve also seen firsthand that it is often the team with the best pitch that wins the business, not necessarily the team with the best solution.  I help teams arrive at great pitches through a process I developed.

I’m an instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health teaching doctors and aspiring hospital administrators how to speak more confidently and be more persuasive.

My background is all communications. I’m a graduate of Temple University’s School of Communications. I became a commercial TV copywriter and director. I was in advertising for 25 years which has helped me give powerful pitch advice.  Now I teach people and teams how to be strong, confident presenters.

My recollections of growing up working in a pawnshop, The Pawnshop Chronicles: Street Wisdom for the Business World, is now in its second printing.


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