1-0n-1 Coaching

It has taken me a few years but I have a process for working with people 1-on-1 that is quite effective.

I prefer to work with people for a short amount of time at each session; perhaps an hour to an hour and a half.  And, I want to focus on a particular presentation or pitch that that person has either made recently or will be making shortly.  One of the problems people have making a presentation is that they often have content that doesn’t allow their best personality to come through. This is especially true in the opening.  I focus on the opening to give it more personality so that it is an easier presentation for that individual to make.  I follow that with table readings to hear how it all flows, and if the meaning is clear. This also gives the presenter a higher degree of comfort in the material.

Then I go to work shaping the participant to fit the presentation we’re working on.  Making sure that the body language reflects the content.  Making sure that the voice carries the passion.  Weaving in charisma techniques so the presenter seems both at ease with the material, and supremely confident.

At appropriate times during the session I’ll tape the presentation on a camcorder.  This often proves to be an eye-opening technique.  I’ll use that tape in subsequent sessions to demonstrate how real progress is being made. That little progress report goes miles in making people feel more confident about how they are doing.

In the end, I want my clients to walk out of the session confident that they can make a strong and persuasive presentation.

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